Cricket World Cup 2011

Knockout Stage

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In the 2011 Cricket World Cup, the knockout stage will be the second and final stage of the World Cup, following the group stage. The top four teams from each group (8 total) advance to the knockout stage to compete in a single-elimination style tournament. Third place playoff match is not included in the tournament.[1]


Quarter-finals   Semi-finals   Final
23 March Dhaka, Bangladesh            
 Group A1  
29 March Colombo, Sri Lanka
 Group B4    
 Winners of Quarter-Final 1  
25 March Dhaka, Bangladesh
     Winners of Quarter-Final 2    
 Group A3  
  2 April Mumbai, India
 Group B2    
 Winners of Semi-Final 1  
24 March Ahmedabad, India    
   Winners of Semi-Final 2  
 Group A2  
30 March Mohali, India  
 Group B3    
 Winners of Quarter-Final 3  
26 March Colombo, Sri Lanka
     Winners of Quarter-Final 4    
 Group A4  
 Group B1    



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